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Esashi as we know it today was formed in March 2006, when the towns of Esashi and Utanobori merged.
A forest town joined with a seaside town, giving the best of both worlds.This unique natural appeal was a boon for the town's industries.
In the Utanobori District, you can refresh your body and soul in the Utanobori Health Village as you take in the spectacular mountain scenery surrounding the area.
The Esashi District, meanwhile, occupies 51km of the rugged Sea of Okhotsk coastline and enjoys the biggest catch of horsehair crab in all of Japan.
People come from all over Japan to enjoy fresh, delicious horsehair crab, especially during the Esashi Crab Festival.

Esashi Town Hall
Esashi is Here

Located in the southernmost area of Soya Subprecture, Esashi is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with the east side facing onto the Sea of Okhotsk.
Esashi has an area of 1115.67 km2, 81% of which is covered by mountains and forest.
The coastal area is comparatively cool even in summer, but the inland area enjoys plenty of summery days.
In the winter, the inland area reaches temperatures of -30゚C (-22゚F).

Made in Esashi

Esashi is best known for its horsehair crab, boasting the largest catch in all of Japan.
Its fishing industry also catches a huge bounty of other seafood, including salmon, octopus, sea cucumbers and scallops.
The freshly caught seafood is made into delectable products right here in Esashi.
Esashi also produces a wide range of fresh, safe dairy products from cows raised in Esashi's vast forest pastures.
Esashi's diverse natural landscape is used to the fullest to produce all kinds of fresh, delicious local specialties.

Esashi’s Mountains and Forest

Utanobori District (formerly Utanobori Town) is home to a mountain called Mt.
Yanemune-yama, which is becoming widely known as Table Mountain.
You can also enjoy a walk through the tranquil Omuro-no-Mori Forest.
It's impossible not to feel calmed by the peace of the forest or awed by the giant 300-year-old oak trees. If you're lucky, you might even see a Yezo squirrel!

There are Always Festivals and Fun in Esashi!

As well as the famous Crab Festival in July, there are festivals and fun all year round in Esashi.
Enjoy a feast of mountain cuisine at the Yokubari (literally "Greedy") Festival in October or have fun with the whole family at the Drift Ice Festival in February.
Admire the miniature shrines made of hay at the New Year Festival on New Year's Eve or join in the events and games at the Summer Festival in August.
Whenever you visit, there's sure to be an event where you can have a great time with the locals.

Where to Stay in Esashi
Hotel New Kohrin
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Utanobori Green Park Hotel
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